Liz Pechacek


Elizabeth Pechacek was raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, by her artist mother and chemist father.  She grew up making all manner of things and found her way to clay in college.  She earned a BFA in ceramics and a BA in art history from Indiana University in 2012.  She now operates her ceramic studio in Minneapolis and teaches at Powderhorn Park and The Northern Clay Center.  Her work is all either handbuilt or slip cast from handbuilt prototypes.  Layered with slip, stains, and glaze, the work achieves a rich and complex surface that above all communicates a sense of touch.  Pechacek draws from a diverse range of historical sources, such as Mimbres and Neolithic Chinese pottery.  She bridges these influences with Danish Modern Ceramics and the work of such pioneers as Lucie Rie and Ruth Duckworth.




I am fascinated by the burst of energy that finds a new form and the calm obsession required to winnow that shape into the most ideal proportions. The color and line are applied to the surface in a playful re- examination of the original idea. This process of invention, perfection and appraisal is the strategy that I use to charge a cup, bowl or sculpture with a vibration which can create a positive disruption in patterns of living. If I can make something unexpected through my explorations that is noticed by someone else, then I feel that my things can be of use. The implied interaction of pottery that is so deeply ingrained in our culture makes it a perfect vehicle for this purpose and the variety of forms and functions makes this genre an infinite source of inspiration. The desire to sculpt comes from within the pattern of my work as a potter and with less frequency and with more complex rules of performance. I do not think that I can do one without the other, for each experiment fuels the next in a type of perpetual-motion studio practice without conclusion.


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