Elyse-Krista Mische


I am motivated by my ephemeral existence and a drive to preserve both my conscious and subconscious selves. I am fascinated by the concept of time and the ways people value and apply value to it. I investigate the cycles of life and how individuals accept, fear, embrace, and preserve our temporary existence. I’m intrigued by the fine line between our sleeping dreams, daydreams, and reality and how our identities are bi-products of these realms. Assuming a Birdman identity allows me to better understand and address these topics. Birds and Birdmen are important reoccurring images in my work; acting as bridges between my conscious and subconscious beings.

My artwork is influenced by exchanging life experiences and stories with others, spending time in environments that are slower paced and removed from distractions of city life, and by the preservation of history and memories of the past. My processes are fueled by self-analysis and observing and interacting with environments and people around me to understand how we value, view, and preserve time and subsequently ourselves. I create mixed media two dimensional illustrations that prompt three dimensional Live Drawings composed of handmade props, costumes, and environments. Live Drawings allow me to preserve and evoke memories of childhood and act out preoccupations; all the while merging the past with the present and realty with unreality though make-believe. 


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