Jill Birschbach



Jill Birschbach graduated with a BFA from UW-Oshkosh in 1992, and has an MFA in photography from the University of Nebraska. She exhibits her work nationally and has been included in shows at AKAR Gallery in Iowa City, The Clay Studio in Philadelphia, Baltimore Clayworks, Bradley University, Northwest Missouri State University, and Texas Tech University among others- (www.jillbirschbach.com). She is a research editor for Getty Images in Chicago and has her studio at the Midwest Clay Guild in Evanston, IL (midwestclayguild.org).


I have been photographing my family, my childhood home and grandparents’ home since the early 90s.

I documented the people, spaces, important objects and recorded them in a way to emphasize the idea of memory.

Time has passed since I created some of these images, many of these people have passed away, and most of these places do not exist anymore except in my memories and these photographs.

Photography in its nature is a way to preserve time and keep memories from slipping away.

Combining these images with ceramic materials creates an added layer of meaning. In this process, the image merges with the glaze rendering these moments permanently preserved and encased in glass. These moments are truly frozen in time and more permanent than a negative or paper photograph.

The surfaces of my ceramic work are imperfect and often appear to be dripping, cracking or corroding. I use found industrial textures pressed into the clay coupled with special glazes to amplify the idea of the object worn down by time.


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