Molly Berger



My work is an ongoing exploration of the memories that made up my first universe.  Longing for the intangible; a desire to memorialize; and my tendency to keep, hold onto, and look back at all motivate the work into being. Through the collaging of remembered and imagined bits of “home”, I explore memory, mourning, and identity as they speak to needs of the present and a queering of the truth.

I am interested in nostalgia, a longing to return home, as an issue of the intimate as well as a universal burden. What power do objects absorb once they have become obsolete?  How does the constructing of monuments help us compensate for the irreversibility of time? What weight do objects have in our understanding of provenance? To what degree does our affection for yesteryear give us history?

Memories, often opaque, are the foundation from which so much of our identity is built. These indelible yet damaged marks of personal history are at the core of my investigations in the studio.


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