Exhibitions June 2016

Annual Utilitarian Ceramic Juried Show: WORKING POTS

Juried by: Simon Levin

Opening Reception: Friday, June 3rd from 5:30-8 

exhibition runs June 3rd through June 27th


Show Statement

My children just returned from a trip out west, visiting family and getting to know cousins.  Last night as one went to get some water before bed I could hear her relax into the hand made ceramic cup that she had picked from the cabinet.  She said, “It’s nice to drink from a real cup again.”


I would not argue that the cups she used in Los Angeles lacked anything in realness, but I understand her sentiment.  The cup she chose has weight, it has a rim that is a little fatter than the wall of the pot, and sits comfortably against a person’s lip.  There is no other cup like that one in the cupboard, it is an individual in a sea of individuals.  This means she is choosing, and interacting with the object in a way that is personal to her.  The experience is intimate, and rich, and a return home.


This show is titled “Working Pots,” and the work I selected has a strong connection to utility.  But utility is simply the discipline in which these artists have chosen to work.  It does not define or limit the pots.  I was excited to curate this show because of the myriad of forms, surfaces, techniques, voices and ideas represented in the applications.    There are pots on the wall, pots that serve tea, pots that make us uncomfortable, pots full of color, sets of pots that interact with each other, pots that show the maker’s hand and others that reveal no touch at all. It’s a great time to be a potter and in this little microcosm you can see how much fun the artists are having in their ceramic playgrounds.


As you look through this show, consider that how well a pot serves food, pours liquid, or stacks efficiently are just a few ways to measure how well a it works.  The plastic and commercial glassware my daughter used in L.A. definitely met these parameters.    Instead I invite you to open yourself to which pieces draw you across the room, which ones make you smile, which ones you would want to live with, which ones made you sneak a touch when no one was looking.  Which pots make you uncomfortable, which ones make you think, which ones speak of rarity, of specialness? Pots, because of their size and everyday nature, are delightfully accessible.  Be your own juror and figure out which pots work for you.





Neil Celani

Rick Hintze

Gugliotti 1 6x4x4 copy

Nicole Gugliotti

Award Winners 2016. Juror: Simon Levin

Hess 2 5x6x7

1st Place

Jason Hess


Reduction Cool Wood Fired Stoneware


Lunt 3 3x17x8

2nd Place

Coleton Lunt


Soda Fired

A 2 17x4x4

3rd Place

Seth Green

Ritual Bottle With Rattling Stopper

Wood Fired Stoneware 

Honorable Mentions:

Rude 1 3.25x6.25x3.25

Aubrey Purdy Rude

1959 Elkie: “Mellow Yellow”


Lilleholm 3 2.5x9x9

Chase Lilleholm

Serving Bowl


Helenske 3

Zak Helenske

Purchase Awards:

Mert 1 2.5x8.5x10

Didem Mert

Baby Nesting Oval Bowlin’ Set

Terra Cotta

Purchased by

Rademaker 2 7x7x3

Patrick Rademaker

Pasta Bowl

Wood Fired

Purchased by James May Gallery

Hill 3

Jeanie Hill



Purchased by The Artists Guild

Alisa Holen

Backdrop Sake Set

Purchased by von Stiehl Winery

Participating Artists:

Michael Ashley

Lauryn Axelrod

Marian Baker

Micah Cain

Neil Celani

John Dorsey

Machiko Erhard

Seth Green

Michelle Grey

Nicole Gugliotti

Kyle Guymon

Rena Hamilton

John Hasegawa

Zak Helenske

Kendall Herdelin

Jason Hess

Jeanine Hill

Rick Hintze

Alisa Holen

Isaac Howard

Doug Jeppesen

Lucien Koonce

Karen Kubinec

Chase Lilleholm

Ken Lu

Coleton Lunt

Scott Lykens

Chaz Martinsen

Will McComb

Didem Mert

Courtney Michaud

Lucille Nilan

Vanessa Norris

John Oles

Kirsten Olson

Page Kelly Piccolo

Todd Pletcher

Patrick Rademaker

John Reinking

Aubrey Purdy Rude

Amy Smith

Mike Stumbras

Sam Thompson

Leili Towfigh

Joan Ulrich

Lisa York

Xia Zhang

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